Super Sparty Bros.

Created by Brian Winn and Greg Kozma
Modifications by Armando Marques S Sobrinho

Game Description:

Collect coins, avoid enemies, and go for the rose!
when the level is finished,  the game automatically go to the next.
You can choose the level to play in the main menu.

Game Modifications:

  1. Enemies:
    • Created one more enemy, the "Drifloon", he only walks if touched by another enemy because his legs are
      disjointed, but he is as mortal as the other enemy, because his head is bigger, stunned, he grow.

  2. Trophies
    • Created a animated emerald which give 2 points to Sparty
    • Created a animated ruby which give 4 points to Sparty.
    • Both, the emerald and the ruby are hard to pick.

  3. Sound:
    • Created and added a new sound to the assets to play on pick a jewelry.

  4. Level One:
    • Added a more beautiful and aesthetic sky and clouds to the scene.
    • Added more two moving enemy and more coins in the ground.
    • Added two more levels, the level 2 and 3.

  5. Level Two:
    • Created a new layout with more beautiful blocks and with an aspect of nature, rocks, grass, mountains,
      clouds and the environment is in broad daylight.
    • Added a new stone platform moving above the first with a "Drifloon" on top and modified the rose
      position to be more hard to get.

  6. Level Three:
    • Created a scene that have the same material used in the second level, but with is environment in the
    • night and with other layout and the position of the elements is in other order and which have 4
      rubies and one emerald.

  7. Later Updates:
    • for future versions, we will implement more levels, improve game mechanics, create a shield for Sparty,
      create more enemies, implement a nice drawing animation to display during the move to a new level,
      and create the Final Battle level.

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